Subscribing members receive special service and discounted CityScoot.

Protect your Staff, customers and community

One-Of-A-Kind Risk Management For Establishments that care

We work with establishment owners that want to find the BEST solutions for their customers, staff and business. Its easier to have a great time with the peace of mind that everyone has a safe ride home. We work hard to protect our customers, partners and our community. Let us help you with a risk management solution to mitigate your liability and protect your most important assets. Everyone will appreciate the offer and recognize your commitment.

How it works

  1. Subscribe to the HomeSafe program with affordable rates based on the number of eligible staff.
  2. Staff members receive special pricing and priority after registering with your custom Employer Discount Code.
  3. Your patrons receive a special discounted rate when ordering a CityScoot from your location using a custom Reward Code
  4. HomeSafe is anonymous, unlimited and THE BEST WAY HOME for your staff and patrons.


Why On-Premise accounts love our HomeSafe program

Serving establishments need a worry free solution to ensure that ALL of their patrons have been offered a safe and responsible way home. With our HomeSafe program it is easy to document your efforts and communicate your expectation of responsible behavior while also providing a solution just in case. Our service represents an expression of your values and your efforts in preventing impaired driving.