Subscribing members receive anonymous, unlimited and free of charge CityScoot service for business or personal use.

Superior Risk Managment & premium employee benefit

How it Works

1. Subscribe to the HomeSafe™ solution and choose full coverage for your business with affordable rates based on the number of eligible associates covered.

2. Associates download the CityScoot App and register using a custom Employer Discount Code to receive anonymous, unlimited and free of charge CityScoot.

3. A CityScoot Driver will chauffeur your associates home in the safety, comfort and convenience of their own vehicle. Worry free and HomeSafe!

Why HomeSafe is Valuable For Your Business

One-Of-A-Kind Risk Management Solution

  • Does your business serve, allow consumption or store alcohol on company premises?
  • Does your business host events where alcohol is served to employees, customers, or vendors?
  • Does your business entertain customers?

If the answer to any of the questions above is “Yes”, your business should consider HomeSafe to help mitigate this risk. Document your expectation of employee responsibility and demonstrate your commitment by providing a comprehensive solution to prevent impaired driving.

Employee Engagement, Recruitment & Retention

  • Does your business seek to attract the Best Employee Talent in a competitive hiring environment?
  • Do you regard your employees as your most valuable asset and wish to demonstrate that your business truly cares about their professional and personal well-being?
  • Do your employees work late hours and go the extra mile to meet deadlines and foster innovation?

CityScoot’s HomeSafe™ program is a premium employee benefit that is highly valued by progressive employers and top talent in the Louisville area. HomeSafe members know that their employer cares about them by providing a benefit that eliminates any excuse for taking an unnecessary risk related to social events, fatigue and other factors that cause impaired driving.

Corporate & Social Responsibility Values In Action

  • Does your business actively seek ways to contribute to the community through positive Corporate and Social Responsibility initiatives?

HomeSafe™ is an affordable way to set responsibility values into action. Impaired Driving is a social ill that costs millions in damages and thousands of lives each year. The HomeSafe solution will demonstrate your commitment to improving our community through the active prevention of impaired driving.