Be responsible
It's worth it
it's easy

Our mission is to provide the BEST service solutions, programs and responsibility platforms to protect our partners, customers and community from the risks of impaired driving.

Our Mission Continues

We are not just transportation company focused on moving people from place to place. Our goal is the prevention of impaired driving so we will deliver YOU HOME SAFELY IN YOUR OWN CAR. No excuses. We provide real world solutions for consumers that refuse to leave their vehicle behind. We believe that a viable alternative is a key to positively influencing consumer behavior. Responsible decision making and good judgement are paramount to the safety of our community. So we work hard to provide smart, simple and safe solutions for our customers and community stakeholders so its as easy to do the right thing and promote responsibility through action. We believe through collaboration, strategic partnerships and collective action we can prove one of the most effective impaired driving solutions in history.

The refusal to leave a vehicle behind is identified as the most common excuse for impaired driving. So we offer a complete real-world solution. Our professional designated drivers are insured to chauffeur you home in the safety, comfort and convenience of your own car. CITYSCOOT IS THE BEST WAY HOME.


The CityScoot Story 2004 – 2012

Founded in 2004, CITYSCOOT opened for business on September 1st as the first fully insured designated driver service in the United States. We were quickly recognized for our novel but effective approach. TIME Magazine, The Today Show, The New York Times, just to name a few, were among the media outlets that applauded our efforts and recognized the service. Our drivers rode a small folding motorbike to meet a customer. The “scooter” was folded into a suitcase and stored in the trunk of the customer car. We drove the customer home safely in their own vehicle and then returned on the scooter. Popular Mechanics once featured us as a “DIY Hero” that is “changing the world”. We are proud to know that each night we are making a difference and saving lives. We no longer use scooters and chase cars retrieve our drivers, but our goal is the same. We deliver you home safely in your own vehicle!

 Our Promise

The CityScoot promise is to the safety of our customers, the quality of our service and the prevention of impaired driving. Our customers hand over their keys and trust us to deliver them home safely. It’s a big deal and we take it seriously. So we’ve made good on that promise and since 2004 we have delivered more than 130,000 customers home safely! Our professional drivers are fully-insured and we chauffeur you home in the safety, comfort and convenience of your own vehicle. It’s the best way home. Be responsible. It’s worth it

Why we partner with businesses and serving establishments…

We believe that impaired driving can mean many things. It is a social ill that effects the entire community. The same community in which your business operates and employees live. Everyone is a stakeholder and especially those who have the greatest opportunity to influence positive change. The workplace is the most effective environment to influence behavior. It is a critical component to changing consumer mindset. With adoption in the workplace we will start conversations about responsible behavior that resonate throughout the community.

Consumption and or access to beverage alcohol is frequently encountered throughout the corporate landscape. Especially in Louisville Kentucky where bourbon is in our DNA. It is often synonymous with entertainment, relaxation or celebration. Many businesses serve, store or allow consumption on company premises. Many companies host events where alcohol is served to employees, vendors and customers. In these situations it is absolutely necessary to provide the proper education, solutions and responsible alternatives.