Using the CityScoot app

How to Register

  • Download the CityScoot APP (iOS or Android) and sign up for a CityScoot account.
  • Sign up is easy, secure and your information is always private. ALWAYS!
  • We ask for your home address and your vehicle information because we only drive you home in your own car.

Using the CityScoot APP for the first time

  • Open the CityScoot app and your current location is automatically displayed as the vehicle pickup location. (Tap the address bar to change the vehicle pickup location)
  • The Home Address (Destination) and Vehicle information on-file can be displayed and or changed by using the icons. (Tap to change information)
  • Use the CITYSCOOTME button to request a professional driver to your vehicle pickup location. It’s that easy!

Our app is new and we are already making changes. Please note that we strive to continually improve our product and your experience. We look forward to your comments and feedback to make the CityScoot app the best in the industry.

See a demo of our APP

The new CityScoot APP is the easiest way to request a CityScoot driver.