CityScoot is closed as of 7/1/2018

We appreciate all of the partnerships that have been built over the last 14 years. We’ve worked hard to provide solutions to the problem of impaired driving and I’m confident that we’ve made a difference in our community. Since 2004 we have delivered over 140,000 customers (and their vehicles) home safely in the Louisville area. We’ve prevented incidents, accidents and undoubtedly saved lives. I’m proud of the work we’ve done and forever grateful to the CityScoot staff that helped make it possible.

Thank you to our customers and all those who believed in our mission, understood the value of our efforts, and recognize the importance of responsibility. I will always cherish the relationships and friendships I’ve made with many of you along the way. I hope that one day we may realize a better and more sustainable way to serve our community. Until then, thank you and we will miss you. Stay safe Louisville.
Sincerely, Mark Roberts
Founder and your friendly neighborhood CityScoot Driver 9/1/2004-7/1/2018

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Customers love our one-of-a-kind service and risk management solutions. We are much more than just on-demand designated drivers.

CITYSCOOT For Individuals

You and Your Car. Home Safely. With the new CityScoot APP, you're always just one click away from the BEST WAY HOME.

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CITYSCOOT For Business

The HomeSafe™ employee program – a Risk Management, Employee Wellness and Corporate Responsibility solution in action!

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For establishments that care.
Subscribers partner with CityScoot to offer
special discounts for patrons and staff.

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CityScoot Case Study:

Brown-Forman is a leader in the beverage alcohol industry and has been a pivotal partner of CITYSCOOT since 2006. They have trusted us to deliver their employees, staff and guests home safely for over a decade. Our new corporate HomeSafe solution was modeled after the success of the employee program pioneered by Brown-Forman. Stay tuned for the Case Study to be published soon!

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CityScoot Drivers:
The Best in the Business

CityScoot drivers are held accountable for integrity and outstanding service delivery. These professionals adhere to the HIGHEST employment standards in the industry and receive TRAINING across multiple disciplines. Most importantly, our drivers CARE; they choose CityScoot because they want to make a positive influence on the community.

CItyscoot FAQ's

Have a question about our service?
Check out these frequently asked questions.

Yes! Founded in 2004, CITYSCOOT was the first insured designated driver service in the United States. Our drivers must exceed strict standards including Background Checks, Drug Screening, Driver History and have a minimum age of 23 years old. We have a special insurance policy that provides full coverage to your vehicle when our drivers are operating it. It is very different than valet insurance.

Taxis and ride share services provide basic transportation but what about your vehicle? Our drivers chauffeur drive you home in the safety, comfort and convenience of your own car. Our customers know the importance of that safety and convenience. They know the CITYSCOOT difference.

Absolutely not! Your privacy is paramount to us. We respect our customers anonymity and we never share that information with anyone. The goal is to empower users with a real-world solution, promote responsible decision making and provide a safety net just in case anyone needs it.

Yes and it’s worth it! CITYSCOOT is not a taxi. Our customers understand the value of convenience. Fully insured, well trained professional staff are expensive. You should expect a premium service and it will cost a little more.

CITYSCOOT will ONLY drive you HOME SAFELY in YOUR VEHICLE! We will not deliver you to any serving establishments. We are not a basic transportation company that is simply focused on moving people. We provide a premium service to customers that are ready to go home but decide they shouldn’t drive and don’t want to leave their vehicle behind. We do not provide taxi or rideshare services and can not make stops along the way. Our mission is to prevent impaired driving and deliver as many customers as possible home safely!

Yes! We provide scaleable options for small, medium, large and extra large employers. Small local companies are very important to us. WE ARE ONE!

Once our driver has delivered you home safely they are quickly retrieved by their chase car team. Their team is usually already waiting by the time we get you home safely or they are just a couple minutes away. You can head inside and enjoy the rest of your evening. CityScoot drivers will never enter your residence other than to park your car in the garage. Sometimes drivers may even leave on foot to more quickly meet their chase team around the corner or down the block. Thanks, but don’t worry about us! This is what we do!